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There are many reasons why you may want to keep Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar in sync. You might want to keep your phone calendar (synchronised via Google Calendar) in sync with multiple PCs with Outlook installed (via Outlook Hotmail Connector). You may also have multiple phones, some of which rely on Google Calendar, others which rely on Windows Live Calendar. Basically, if you use both of the services, it is a good idea to keep them in sync.

You will need:

  1. Microsoft Outlook (2003 or later, 32bit)
  2. Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector (32 bit)
  3. Google Calendar Sync

The key here is to make the Hotmail/Windows Live account the default data file in Outlook – it is this default with which Google Calendar Sync will synchronise. If you have other data files, it may be worth transferring your mail to Hotmail so that it is all in one place and deleting them so you only have one data file (synchronised with Hotmail) to manage. Data files can be managed via the File > Data File Management option in Outlook (or equivalent on the ribbon).

By setting the Hotmail/Windows Live account as the default, your rules will also work in Outlook 2003/2007 (they work regardless in 2010).

Let me know if you have any problems or found this advice useful 🙂


Comments on: "How to *Sync* Google Calendar with Windows Live Calendar (via Outlook)" (8)

  1. George said:

    I cannot believe that this is such a simple solution to what was literally 2 weeks of searching!

    About to quit and return the Android OS ATRIX 4G – I FINALLY ‘stumbled’ on this solution.

    How stupid that NOBODY else has done this. Its not even in the top of the Google searches.

    So I now can sync a WM7 LIVE account with GOOGLE, using OUTLOOK to see it all in one place.


  2. Tom Morris said:

    Works, but we still have the issue in Outlook 2010 where google sync causes outlook to ask for a profile every time you start outlook. That is annoying, and I have not found a way to fix that. Help would be appreciated.

    • I don’t use Outlook 2010, I use 2007 so can’t test this, but try:

      In Outlook 2010 File -> Options -> Add-ins
      Manage: COM Add-Ins pull down at bottom, Click: Go
      Under Add-Ins available: Google Calendar Sync was unchecked. Add a check and click OK.

      There are also reports of a workaround by simply installing MobileMe (which itself adds a Outlook add-in which seems to ‘fix’ the issue.

      See http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Calendar/thread?tid=5ee2e67c5531af46&hl=en if you haven’t already.


      • I have now upgraded to Outlook 2010 (default 32bit) on Windows 7 x64.

        The workaround I described above doesn’t work for me. Enabling the COM Google Calendar Sync Add-in simply blocks Outlook from shutting down properly, leaving it running as a process (trying to shutdown), with no window. This means Google Calendar Sync works without the pop-up (just as it does when Outlook is running properly) but you can’t restart Outlook until you kill the previous Outlook process. Does anyone else get this?

        I keep reading of more people who have this problem, but no-one seems to have a good solution that works for everyone. If and when I do find one, I’ll post it here. Has anyone else found something that works consistently?

  3. Chuong Nguyen said:

    Thank you very much!
    I didn’t know there exist Google Calendar Sync. After install it works great perfectly.

  4. I have windows live and needed a hotmail address for that, but most of my mail comes from bigpond – sorry, really really not tecno minded. Anyway, have google calender and a little calender that comes up on the side of my windows live mailbox. i really want to have them synced and am confused.

    • If you have Outlook, add the Hotmail e-mail address. Then download Google Calendar sync and set that up with your Google account details. Google Calendar sync will then syncronise your Windows Live calendar and Google calendar.

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