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Systematic Phonics Literacy Activity Tutor

For the past couple of years I have worked with an educational psychologist on a literacy tutor, dubbed SPLAT, to create a solution for children with special educational needs and dyslexia.

The package consists of a handheld device and Teacher Control Panel software, shown below. Teacher Control Panel

SPLAT utilises the systematic/synthetic phonics method in various games for the student, records the results and generates reports (see below for an example) for each student. Each game can be individually tailored to the student’s specific needs. The most basic game, ‘Systematic Phonics Blend’, sounds out the three or more phonemes of a word, which the student blends in their head before selecting the corresponding image.

Spell Report 1Spell Report 2

The games are played on a refurbished hand-held device, with a touchscreen, stylus (like the Nintendo DS that many children are familiar with) and headphone jack.

The solution has been developed entirely in .NET, utilising technologies such as Entity Framework 4, Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation.

When set up in a school, the Teacher Control Panel will recognise the teacher through their login and display the students in the class. It’s really simple to use when set up and should save time as the students can get on with the practice – little and often, on their own.

If this sounds like something you that would be of benefit to you, either as a teacher/SENCO or as an organisation, then please contact me.